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Products System

Structural curtain walls
The curtain wall most widely used, with mature technology, reasonable cost. Mullions and transoms first installed to form the frame, then come the panels to form units, and finally sealant is applied to become waterproof and airtight.
   Main features:
   Mature system, and technology, easy to work with
   Reduced amount of work in factory, low technical requirements
   Large workload on work site, long construction period
   Tough worksite conditions, high quality management and control required
   No operation initiated until basic construction is built to roof.

Unitized curtain wall is to have panels and metal structure fabricated in factory and then lifted on construction site for finally installation. It has emerged as result of development of productivity and the industrialization of curtain wall engineering. It keeps in line with the trend in these years, and calls for coordinated efforts in design, purchase, production, assembly, logistics, site conditions, quality control, and installation on site to ensure the smooth operation of the whole project.
  Through cooperation with foreign experts, Sunvast enjoys unique strengths in its system design, construction, installation on site and so far has participated or completed construction projects.  
 Main features:
  Complicated system, superior capabilities of productions, fit for buildings demanding high earthquake resistance and high rises
  Industrialized and standardized production
  All processing and installation finished in factory, and high technical requirements
  Less amount of work at early stage on construction site, but with higher demand for precision
  Easy quality control for industrialized products
  Reduced construction period for project.

(3) Full-glass curtain wall
The curtain wall connected or supported by glass-rib or point-supporting system. It is classified into glass rib type, steel truss type, and pre-stressed truss (with rod or cable) types. It appeared as a result of aesthetic appreciation of architects in modern time, employing new materials and techniques. It brings into view wide and open space with artistic structure.
  Sunvast has demonstrated its great expertise in this kind of structure in the construction of administrative center of Baoshan industrial zone, Shanghai natural gas administration center, and Suzhou Water Lane Neighborhood commercial Center.
  Main features:
  Fully transparent, full view, broad space
  Three dimensional effect in artistic structure
  Pre-stressed system goes parallel with architectural and structural design
  Tough construction condition on site, high demand for quality control.

(4) Double-skin curtain wall
The efficient energy saving curtain wall functional with the effect of “chimney”. Made up of outer wall, ventilation system, inner wall( or door, or window). The double-layer structure has a “respiratory” effect and can help regulate air in between walls, making the building warm in winter and cool in summer.
  Main features:
  Superior insulation function to keep warm in winter and cool in summer, saving up to 30%~50% energy
  Effective use of sunlight with natural light adjusted through sun-shading system
  Great reduction of noise, improving indoor environment.

(5) Photovoltaic curtain wall    
The photoelectric curtain wall to transform solar energy into power, which represents the trend of green house. The photovoltaic cells and semiconductors are linked to convert solar energy into electric current which is charged into batteries via transformer before being loaded into power grid.
   Main features:
   Conversion of light energy into electric current
   Reaching the areas not fit for power network
   Reducing contamination from fossil fuels.

The functional curtain wall to integrate LED electronic technology to display colorful pictures on its partial area, and buildings fall into a kind of media to present commercials.
   Main features:
   Displaying colorful pictures on solid walls
   Enhancing commercial environment around the building
   Creating spectacular sight by means of LED wall

Doors and windows  
Aluminum doors and windows are a kind of conventional doors and windows, and their production and installation follow two steps:
  1. Doors and windows are cut, processed, assembled in plant, and coated with film before being shipped to construction site
  2. Install doors and windows, and glass on construction site.
  The quality of aluminum doors and windows processed in plant depend largely on aluminum doors and windows system, Sunvast, combing its years of practical experiences and state-of-the-art technology, developed several aluminum doors and windows systems.Its features include:
  Processing in plant, module controlled, standardized inspection
  All fabrication, assembly completed in plant, meeting high requirement
  Only measuring work required at construction site, less workload but high accuracy
  Easy quality control for products